The Regal Lion Baccarat Decanter Stopper

The standard that we have set for the Regal Lion is uncompromising, pushing the limits of what can be achieved by the human hand. The finished sculpture will be as close to perfection as is physically possible in the hands of a world class master craftsman. Achieving this is so demanding of skill and time that we anticipate making no more than 20 – 30 pieces a year.

Each sculpture begins with multiple carved waxes. The waxes are cast (in Gold or Platinum), and the pieces comprising the lower section of the Lion are meticulously worked until any detectable flaws have been eliminated. These pieces are then joined, and each surface polished to a mirror finish.

The Lion’s head, with all of its angles and curves, goes through a similarly painstaking process. Then sapphires or diamonds are cut and set in the eyes and ears, the head given its final polish and assembled to the lower section. The last step is the attachment of the Lion to the black 304 stainless steel stopper which will actually sit in a decanter or wine bottle neck or in the custom-made mahogany or ebony display.

Each Regal Lion requires days of hand work and a knowledge of metals and gems acquired through years of jewelry construction, repair and setting for some of the finest and most exacting design houses in the world.


Marking The Regal Lion Sculpture

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