Size of Lion Sculpture (All measurements and stone weights are approx.)

Wine Bottle Stopper:   54mm high; Dia: .34ctw or Golden Sapphires: .45ctw
Whiskey/Brandy Decanter Stopper:   60mm high; Dia: .38ctw or Golden Sapphires:   .50ctw
Baccarat Decanter Stopper:   69mm high; Dia: .43ctw or Golden Sapphires: .57ctw



18K Gold Lion (edition of 50 pieces) in Yellow, White or Rose gold with VS F/G diamonds or fine golden sapphires

Platinum (950) Lion (edition of 24 pieces) with VS F/G diamonds or fine golden sapphires.

Custom black pvd 304 Stainless Steel ‘cone’ with nitrile rubber rings. All food grade.

Display Base
Custom display stand in a choice of beautifully finished mahogany or Gabon ebony, mounted on three 7mm Sterling Silver balls.

Presentation Box
The Regal Lion, in its display base, comes nestled in a custom-made mahogany presentation box lined with green velvet, and surmounted with an engraved Sterling medallion bearing the company’s distinctive lion-head logo.


If you would like to customize your Regal Lion, we will do our utmost to accommodate you. Although we can only offer the Lion in 18K gold or 950 platinum (since these are signed and numbered limited editions), we can change the type and placement of gemstones, as well as the specie of wood from which the display base is made, if you so wish. Such       changes will usually not affect price, but changes in the size and number of gemstones may.


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