Designer Rick Cameron

Rick Cameron

Designed by renowned New York jewelry designer Rick Cameron, widely known for his dramatic artistry, which blends Art Deco and Gothic elements in elegant animal motifs, and for superb workmanship.

“I began designing in 1989 after a life-changing vision. In the midst of a business meeting, there was an explosion of light, and floating in the light was a coiled metallic serpent – all angles, bevels and mirrored surfaces.” Mr. Cameron’s love of wildlife, along with this mystical vision of the serpent, continually inspire his artistic expressions, and are embodied in the power and grace of his designs. His first collection of wildlife jewelry launched at the Designers’ Collective in NY in 1990.”

Now, through his collaboration with master setter/jewelry artisan Boris Zemtsov, he has expanded his work to include functional objets d’art – tabletop, bar and desk accessories that “we hope will serve as reminders that the remarkable creatures with whom we share this world are as much a part of nature’s magnificent creation as are we.”

“Through striking representations of these at-risk animals, I hope to inspire admiration and respect for them, and to ensure that they – like us – have a vibrant future on a healthy planet.”

Boris Zemtsov, Master Artisan

Boris Zemtsov

Hand-crafted by master jewelry artisan, Boris Zemtsov, whose past work for clients like Mikimoto, Cartier and Harry Winston reflects the highest levels of craftsmanship in the jewelry arts.

Born in Baku, Azerbijan in the mid-70’s, Mr. Zemtsov began helping out in his father’s auto garage at age 7, learning “how things work”. His renaissance mind and technical aptitude served him very well when, at age 17, he was offered an apprenticeship in a jewelry workshop, learning gem-setting and jewelry repair.

When Boris was 20, his family moved to the United States, and he was soon working under the tutelage of renowned Russian jeweler Boris Roitman. He spent two years with Roitman learning jewelry assembly, honing his skill as a setter, and pavéing remarkable gem-encrusted figures which were sold to a very wealthy clientele through A La Vieille Russie on Fifth Avenue.

Boris began working independently in the late 1990’s, earning a reputation as one of the most extraordinary gem setters and jewelry artisans at work today.

Boris Zemtsov, Master Artisan

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